We develop a funding and exit strategy mapped to your goals, and we optimize your outcome.

Funding & Exit Strategy

Achieve your funding and exit strategy goals. 

Our WorksMachine partners have raised angel, institutional, strategic, VC, PE funding, and have completed multiple exits. In fact, we've acquired companies and driven 14 exits valued at $3.4B.

When it comes to raising money and driving to an exit, you need a plan and a strategy that’s going to put you in control and maximizes your valuation. We know how to build these and execute on them. You don’t want to waste your precious time, money, and first impression opportunities trying to figure this out.

Develop a funding game plan. 

Raising money is hard. If your current plan is just to head to Sand Hill Road, then you don’t have a plan.


Raising money without a solid plan of how much you are raising and why, and from whom makes is much more difficult and far less efficient.


WorksMachine helps you develop and build a funding strategy and plan, provide the associated timelines, target investors, and market modeling required to drive your raise.

Develop an exit plan. 

Exits rarely happen on their own, and at some point, most companies want or need to exit. Waiting for someone to come along and buy your company rarely results in a high-value exit or an exit at all.


Companies that are thinking of exiting — of course — want to exit for the highest possible return, particularly if there are institutional investors involved.


Preparing for an exit that maximizes your company's valuation is a complex process that can involve many months of work WorksMachine has deep experience in driving high-value exits.

Develop a cogent elevator pitch. 

A clear, understandable explanation of what your company does and for whom can be very difficult to create; yet it is critical to driving investment and valuation. This seemingly simple task is often overlooked and undervalued by company leaders.


Outsiders, most of whom aren’t in your business and who will only briefly listen to your pitch, need to come away with an understanding of what you do and for whom, and less so how you are doing.


Muddled or incoherent elevator pitches frequently point to other underlying problems too. Investors will intuitively understand this and will not proceed.

Create an exec summary and pitch deck. 

An exec summary and pitch capture your story, and often your first foot in the door. Our team has created 100’s of exec summaries and pitch decks.


WorksMachine partners with the executive team, taking the approach of measuring the value of each word and comprehensively and carefully removing each and every extraneous, duplicative word while ensuring that your story is clear, comprehensive, targeted and tight.

Target investors. 

Often fund raising is viewed as a “numbers game.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Just pitching for the sake of pitching is a waste of time. A carefully constructed list of synergistic potential investors helps streamline the funding or exit process, and ensures that you’re not spending time with firms that have a low potential for participation.

Prep for investors. 

Preparing for investment ensures that your time is maximized. We work with your exec team to help determine what the value of the company is today; how it could be valued going forward; how much money to raise and how far that’s going to take you.


This is a complex and important market modeling step that’s often overlooked. You want to be in the driver’s seat and that means you have to be able to answer the “why” questions before you get to a meeting.

We'll ensure you're ready for your road show for investors. 

Learn about our team. 

Based in Seattle WA, WorksMachine is strategic advisory firm for B2B tech companies and enterprises. We are a team of seasoned technology industry experts with deep startup and big company executive management experience.


We lead teams to define their AI, product and category strategies, accelerate revenue growth, and reach funding milestones and exits.

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