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PRESS: AI/ML Strategy Expert Joins WorksMachine to Help B2B Tech Companies

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

SEATTLE (PRWEB) - JANUARY 23 2020 — WorksMachine, a strategic advisory firm for B2B tech companies, today announced that Aloke Gupta has joined the team focused on product and AI strategy. Aloke joins WorksMachine with an impressive career in driving AI and machine learning strategies into SaaS and Cloud products and technologies.

“At WorksMachine we lead companies to reach their financing and exit milestones,'' said Rob Green, Managing Director of WorksMachine. “Aloke’s impressive track record in delivering AI/ML-powered products will help companies refine their product and AI roadmaps to accelerate their growth, and ultimately improve their valuations for optimized outcomes.”

“We are passionate about helping companies improve their growth, or return to a growth path, by applying AI/ML techniques to create new products, or to improve the value proposition of existing products.'' says Aloke Gupta, Partner AI & Product Strategy at WorksMachine.

Most recently, Aloke was Principal Architect at Seattle-based Enlyft, a marketing analytics company, and prior to that he was CTO of Appnique, a mobile user acquisition platform. Aloke spent over 20 years at HP building big data systems using AI/ML technologies. Aloke has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

About WorksMachine. Based in Seattle, WA, WorksMachine is a strategic advisory firm for B2B tech companies. Led by a group of seasoned experts, WorksMachine helps companies define their product, AI, and category strategies, accelerate revenue growth, and reach funding milestones and exits.

See PRWEB press release here.

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