Our Framework 

We offer an end-to-end framework to

assess, analyze, fix, accelerate & exit companies. 

Gather insight. 

We get an initial read on your company’s unique situation, and delve into the following areas:

  • Learn about the problem that you’re solving in the marketplace

  • Understand the goals for your company, and your culture

  • Review your category and market position

  • Get insight from your company business plan, operating plan, market modeling and core financial metrics

  • Dive into your products and technology for internal review or investor due diligence

  • Understand your current team structure, as well as your BOD and advisors


Then we create a plan to help you and engage to make it happen.

Set the direction, get back on track. 


We learn more about your customers and update your competitive matrix, and identify gaps and opportunities for your key personas.

With our global product management expertise we can help to create a new category, where your company can become the leader.

We refine your company value prop and develop the narrative outline for reaching both your customers and potential investors.


With our team’s deep engineering expertise, we can help with your product roadmap, IPR, architecture, systems, technologies, licensing, and delivery platforms.

We can also tune your team development process.


We apply our financial strategy and operational expertise gained in dozens of global startups, IPOs and public companies to effectively track and improve your financial reporting and management accounting efforts.

We can provide governance on your financial statements, balance sheet, and cash management processes, support your audit and data integrity efforts, and improve your financial systems strategy.


We ensure your lead processes and automation systems are in place and working to effectively integrate marketing demand-generation with sales and customer service, and accelerate efforts to find the right channels and partners.

Scale to the next level. 


We help define your category and product launch plans via content marketing, industry events, analyst relations, press outreach and social powered by the latest marketing automation tools.


We ensure your sales team is properly enabled to tackle the global market, and your lead management process is optimized to deliver maximum revenue.


We’re also experts at defining strategic relationships and creating partner programs to expand your ecosystem.

Drive to a financial milestone.


We get you ready for a financial or equity moment. 

  • Assess your cap table

  • Prep for due diligence

  • Strategize on potential investors

  • Drive the creation of your executive summary and pitch deck

  • Provide investment comps and valuation

Finally, we help drive your financing road show or exit process. 

Based in Seattle WA, WorksMachine is a team of seasoned tech industry experts with deep startup and big company executive management experience, leading teams to define new market categories, achieve accelerated market growth, and drive to funding milestones and exits.


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