We are experienced executives in pre-revenue, venture-funded and Fortune 50 enterprises. We have proven track records in launching, building, fixing, pivoting, funding and exiting B2B tech companies. 

We're experts in taking B2B tech companies and enterprises to the next level.

  • Rob Green



    Rob is a senior executive, entrepreneur, board member, and strategic advisor with a proven track record of growing early-stage companies to successful exit and acquisition. He has demonstrated success leading a complex set of startup activities including setting corporate vision, raising funds, designing and executing growth strategy, recruiting key executive team members, and successfully monetizing new technologies on a global scale — all centered around maximizing investor ROI.


    Rob has experience that spans both Fortune 500 and early-stage startups focused on products related to: Digital Media, Mobile, Telecommunications, Smart Home, Cloud/SaaS, and Content Distribution Networks. Rob is a recipient of the Streaming Media All-Star Award by Streaming Media magazine. Rob graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Economics.

  • Steve Sklepowich



    Steve is a product management and software marketing leader, and has delivered results for B2B rapid-growth venture-backed and Fortune 100 companies including Microsoft, Apple and thePlatform (acquired by Comcast). Since 2011, he has held executive and advisory roles with multiple early-stage and mature startups. 


    Steve has launched over 25 products and technologies in online video, mobile app marketing, mobile healthcare, autonomous robotics, interactive media authoring and developer platforms. Steve graduated from the University of Waterloo with a BASc in Electrical Engineering.

  • Aloke Gupta



    Aloke is a Data Science leader experienced in applying machine learning techniques to develop innovative products in organizations spanning startups to Fortune 50 organizations.

    Aloke has expertise in Predictive Modeling, Natural Language Processing, Big Data Pipelines, Machine Learning, Distributed Computing, SQL and Data Warehousing. He has built several products based on Recommender systems, Data Visualization, Text Analysis, Predictive models, and Image understanding using Cloud deployments at scale.

    Aloke applies the latest technology to solve customer problems using Agile development methodologies to deliver high quality software. Aloke graduated with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  • Murray Vince



    Murray founded Ideovee Business Solutions to provide a high level of experienced high-tech business development, and technology contract support for growth companies. In his role as VP of Business Development and General Counsel at Ideovee, Murray provides revenue, sales, business development support and leadership for the strategic growth of Ideovee’s business clients.

    Murray served in a variety of senior executive roles at Intellectual Ventures, Microsoft Corporation, and Apple Computer, as well as at industry-leading technology firms including Tropian, HearMe, Kirio, Tropare, and Silicon Graphics.

    Murray has an undergraduate degree from Bowdoin College,  and received his Bachelor of Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School (York University).

  • John Walpuck



    John has been a finance executive in over 25 companies, leading mission-critical organizational change, new market entry, acquisition events and restructurings. He has worked in corporate finance, operations, strategy consulting, and institutional investments firms, engaging with pre-revenue startups all the way to driving to IPOs.


    John graduated with an MBA from the University of Chicago in Finance, and is a certified auditor, management accountant and CPA.

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