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PRESS: Madison Park Group and WorksMachine Announce COVID-19 Strategy Guide

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Covid-19 Strategy Guide addresses current key challenges faced by investors and executives and provides guidance to post-crisis new opportunity

NEW YORK and SEATTLE, April 9, 2020 /PRWeb/ -- In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic,Madison Park Group, a leading investment bank focused on growth-stage business technology companies, has strengthened its partnership with strategy advisory firm WorksMachine to form a COVID-19 response team.

MPG and WorksMachine offer their research report, COVID-19 Strategy Guide, which provides guidance to the key challenges faced by today’s investors and executives.

The report provides a comprehensive perspective by blending best practices, time-tested strategy frameworks, and important context to the economic realities at hand.

The team is led by Michael Magruder and Christian Vansant from Madison Park Group and is joined by Rob Green from WorksMachine.

“Every company and investment group we know is being impacted by COVID-19. We asked ourselves, ‘what can we do to help more technology companies come out ahead?”, said Michael Magruder, Managing Directorof Madison Park Group. “Many of our clients and acquaintances were asking the same set of questions and

looking for battle-tested frameworks. Our strategic response team is focused on helping companies and investors navigate the unprecedented disruption we are seeing.”

“We have managed technology companies through the past three major economic downturns” said Rob Green,Managing Partner of WorksMachine, “We felt it was our duty to share our insights and framework to help as many companies as possible, to navigate through the coming downturn, and provide guidance towards the next emerging opportunities.”

The report provides a comprehensive perspective by blending best practices, time-tested strategy frameworks, and important context to the economic realities at hand. The report will help readers answer questions such as:

- How will my business be impacted by COVID-19?

- How should my company “stress test” budget and operating assumptions?

- What are the range of economic recovery paths we should anticipate?

- How will this impact company valuations?

- What should I be doing to best help my business?


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About Madison Park Group. MPG provides comprehensive investment banking services for growing business software and technology companies and their investors. We approach assignments through the lens of experiences operators of mission critical software companies and are experts in equity and debt fundraising,sell-side M&A advisory and buy-side M&A advisory.

About WorksMachine. WorksMachine is a strategic advisory firm for B2B tech companies. Led by a group of seasoned C-suite technology executives, WorksMachine helps companies define their product, AI, and category strategies, accelerate revenue growth and profitability through operational enhancements, and quickly reach funding milestones and liquidity events. The team has participated in multiple exits in worth over $3 billion in


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